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Myyyy girl

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It’s been awhile

Tried to reach out, and get that old thing back. Always fails, so it was the last time, no feelings hurt so that means I’m really over it. The other one, ugh can’t even stand seeing him on my damn news feeds I just want to smack him #asshole such a “talker.” But that’s put away too. Until next time ✌️


Nike Air Max 1 x Patta - Black/Lucky Green (by msgt16)

I want


Nike Air Max 1 x Patta - Black/Lucky Green (by msgt16)

I want

What a week

Family was here for a mf weeeeek! OMG, My nephew is 10 and is the most whiney little shit ever! His dad (bro in law) was just as bad, two big ass annoying babies. I couldnt deal with it. Anyways the beer fest was great, blacked out so thats fun, and got to go hiking up and down a mountain you know all that fun stuff. =) Welp until later, peace.

Okay maybe

Good morning,
I’ve been reading over my blogs and maybe one was a little harsh, I don’t want things to over but obviously I did something wrong and I’m not getting an explanation, one of the main things in a relationship is to talk DUH! how else are you suppose to know how the other person feels? Idk just me but it’s a new day and right now I’m not feeling that bad! Almost time to go on that morning run! See ya!


Deciding to go on that run was the best I’ve made in weeks! Every morning I’ll be up doing it, then post workout and a protein shake! My life, I deserve to be happy over everything. Smooches 😚


So i woke up and the first thing i see is the pats play the eagles first game of the season WTF really? Thats my ex bf’s team, fml brings back to many good memories. ANYWAYS time to go running kill this mood im in before i go crazy. PEACE!